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“This book pretty much has it all: action, adventure, romance, supernatural elements, mystery, intrigue… Oh, and violence, lots of violence.”–Kristen C.


She seeks revenge across the desert wasteland, hunting the head of the Blood Valley drug cartel that controls the post-American Southwest. He wakes crazed and alone in a foreign time and place, a parasitic monster in human skin. When their lives collide by coincidence, they embark on a violent journey toward retribution and absolution.

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Anticipated Late 2023.

Two years after the events of Bloodlands, the lives of the Hunter and the Monster entwine again as the spiral of revenge takes its next turn and an ancient reckoning awakens in the apocalyptic wilderness beyond the edge of the claimed world.

Short Stories

For Love of a Lie: A detective’s investigation into a criminal with unusual powers leads him to a mother’s doorstep.

Waiting for Daylight: The sole survivor of an undead apocalypse struggles with her own mortality.