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Genre: Fantasy/Dystopian/Paranormal

She seeks revenge across the desert wasteland, hunting the head of the Blood Valley drug cartel that controls the post-American Southwest. He wakes crazed and alone in a foreign time and place, a parasitic monster in human skin. When their lives collide by coincidence, they embark on a violent journey toward retribution and absolution.

A story of past and present, survival and sacrifice, loss and love.

Enter a world of lawlessness and brutality where men profit from human suffering and justice finds no foothold. In Bloodlands, a woman’s quest for vengeance and a monster’s quest for redemption entangle in a sweeping tale of bloodshed and bloodlust that explores the destructive spiral of revenge—and the terrible cost of its execution.

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Senora travels the wastelands of Texicana capturing criminals for cash on a years-long quest for revenge against the deadly, mysterious masked leader of the Blood Valley cartel, a man known only as Diablo. When a red-eyed stranger intervenes in a hunt gone awry, she inadvertently binds herself to himand to his inhuman craving. His monstrous nature may just prove useful on her journey, however, especially as she surrenders to a bloodlust of her own.  

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He wakes after centuries of imprisonment with no memory of himself or his past. Plagued by hallucinations and incapable of quenching the blood-thirst that keeps him alive, he escapes to the desert to wander to his death, only to find himself bound to Senora West by a life debt. With no purpose and no choice but to follow, he aids Senora in her quest for vengeance while unraveling the truth of his past and struggling to find his place between the monster he is and the man he wants to be. 

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From the Readers

“This book pretty much has it all: Action, adventure, romance, supernatural elements, mystery, intrigue… Oh, and violence, lots of violence…. But what really sold me on this book was the impeccable character building, especially between our two leads: Watching as they got to know each other, learn from one another; progressing from fearful, distrusting allies, to hesitant respect and admiration, to, later still, genuine care and concern. It was such an organic build that I really felt for the characters and became invested in their relationship.”

“I thoroughly enjoyed this book…. Bloodlands kept me coming back to see what would happen next.”

“Absolutely amazing…”

“This was a fantastic read.”

“A fun and entertaining book.  Highly recommended!”

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