Blog Series

“What the Hell Am I Even Doing?” A Self-Publishing Story

A multi-part blog series in which I discuss chasing  fumbling after my dream of being an author, including the catty cashier and bottle of wine that motivated me to finally do it, the chaos of my first draft, the torturous mind-fuck of editing (and editing and editing and–), and all the other many struggles inherent to self-publishing a first novel.  Both instructive and (I hope) inspiring.

Preface: A Brief History of Creative Masochism

Part I–Drafting: Just Write the Damn Thing (Coming Soon)

Part II–Revising: So You Wrote the Damn Thing.  And It’s Kind of Crap.

Part III–Editing: Torture. Rinse. Repeat.

Part IV–Feedback: Just the Right Number of F@$ks

Part V–Production: The Bookening (Covers, Formatting, Etc.)

Part VI–Marketing: I’ll Let You Know When I Figure It Out